The Top Coolest Video Slot Features

If you have ever played video slots, you could probably immediately tell a big difference from the standard machines. Resembling a video game much more than a mechanical reel device, they often draw new players who wouldn't ever have thought that slots could be as fun and entertaining as poker or roulette. There are many great video slot features available that make this attraction so interesting.

Wild Symbols

Cascading wilds are one exciting facet of video slot features. With cascading wilds, some of the symbols will suddenly disappear when the reels stop. Some new symbols will cascade down to fill in their places and possibly make a winning combination. If so, you will get a payout or bonus round. With stackable wilds, you will have the opportunity to stack multiple wilds on a single reel, helping you win two to three times the amount of coins or bonuses. You may even get the chance to stack them on multiple reels to drain all the pay lines.


Some good bonuses can make the game more exciting and keep you interested. Bonus rounds in slots are sort of like a side bet at a card table. You can earn these in many different versions. They will prolong the amount of time you can spend gambling since you aren't spending as much money, and you will enjoy getting the extra spins for the price of your original bet. Extra spins means more chances to win a jackpot!

Fun Themes

The video game-like aspect provides the opportunity to choose a machine that has a theme you like. At most casinos, whether land-based or on the Internet, you can find themed games like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, or whatever you prefer. They might play scenes from your favorite movie, pop up with easily recognizable symbols, or give you bonus rounds to play that feature popular characters. The pop culture themes entice many new players to come check out what the games have to offer.

Nudge and Hold

A machine with a "nudge and hold" option is fun because it lets you feel like you have more control over hitting a winning combination. Throughout the game, you will get opportunities to move a reel up or down, or hold one still while the rest continue to spin. These can help you gain more chances to win and maybe even give you a little edge. This is one of the most satisfying video slot features you will come across as you are trying out all the machines.

Other Features

Other interesting things you may run into include free spins, progressive jackpots, more interactive machines, and more. You will ultimately have to try out the machines for yourself and find out which aspects are the most interesting to you. Whether you want to go to a real casino to enjoy the atmosphere there or kick back at home with a gaming website, the choices are practically endless.