How to Win on Slot Machines More than Ever Before

Slots is, at heart, a game of chance. There is no strategy that will guarantee that a user will win on slot machines. There are a number of tricks that new and experienced players can apply to increase the chances of a successful spin, however.

Don't Use Your Own Money

Almost all online casinos will offer some form of bonus for new members and a great majority of these bonuses are directed towards those who enjoy the pokies. Some are contingent on the first deposit that is made, where other venues offer free 'no-deposit' bonuses. These are great tools for the user who is looking to try a new game or establishment without risking any of his or her money.

Read the Fine Print

If the bonuses seem too good to be true, they probably are. Most have some sort of play-through or wagering requirement, meaning that participants have to wager a certain amount of their own money in order to claim any prizes that were won using the bonus funds. This is usually displayed as multiplier, such as 30x, meaning if the user claims $10 in funds, he or she much wager $300 in order to claim any withdraws. This can make it hard to win on slot machines, at least for the short-term.

Spend More to Win More

Online casinos offer better incentives to users who are willing to wager more money. Games that are played with higher coin denominations usually have a lower house edge. This doesn't guarantee success every time, but it can lead to better prizes overall. It can lead to higher losses as well though, so gamblers should be careful to mind their bankroll.

Forget the Progressives

Progressive jackpots may seem like a great way to win tons of money, but the chances of actually acquiring one of the enormous jackpots is actually very low. Non-progressive titles may offer lower top prizes, but gamblers will have a higher overall chance of success. Most online casinos offer a variety of options because they are trying to cater to as many users as possible. While they are few and far between now, there are still some slots only casinos left on the web. These are able to offer better incentives to members, including better graphics and bigger jackpots, as well as a higher payback percentage.

Mind the Pay lines

Online games offer a huge variety of pay line wagering options. Some prefer the classic 1, 3, or 5 reels, while others seek out the more exotic. Some of these can offer as many as 25 or 50 paylines. Just because the option is there doesn't mean it is the best. Single reels sometimes offer the best payback percentages. It's always a good rule of thumb for gamblers not to bring more money to a casino than they can afford to lose. Remember that, and everyone can have fun and maybe win on slot machines.