Konami Slots Review

The first thing that comes into mind when we say Japan is Anime and gaming. Yes, this country is one of the leaders in pioneering arcade games in the industry. Konami, the fourth largest creator of video games in Japan introduced the Konami slots to cater to the casino needs of its consumers. In 1978, the Japan-based company tied up with different gaming companies in the United States to increase their market and to help the Western's gaming industry. Konami made it a big deal in America because first, they know what to do and to offer. And second, they have the resources to reach the market. The creation of Konami slots can be indebted to the fact that there was a sudden decline in the arcade game industry before. But after that brief aspect of company's road to success, Konami was able to create, video games, trading cards, arcade cabinets and others. This Konami slots review ill make you more acquainted with the history of the company and what they can offer the players.

The company was founded in 1969 by Kagamasa Kosuki, and was intended to be a jukebox rental. In English, the company's name means "little waves" that made a big hit in Japan's gaming industry. In 1973, the team created their own games, and in 1981, the site released the Scramble and Super Cobra. It was in 1892 that the company decided to create market software. In 2005, the company's headquarters was transferred to Las Vegas, making Konami slots possible. It's ever spinning game is based on the "Rocky" movie, and gamers are able to experience Sylvester Stallone by seeing him in the screen and hear is tremendous voice. Other games offered by the brand involves African Treasure, A Big Payoff, Billionaires, Dance Dance Revolution, Atlantic Treasure, Solstice Gold, Money in the Bank, Ioha Gold, Cash Inferno, Coinopolis, Karaoke Revolution, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Lucky Dice. Some of the games developed by Konami comes with progressive jackpots, making you win more than the usual, and make the experience more thrilling and nerve-wracking.

The brand also provides cheat codes in some of its games because some of the interface of games are hard to handle. The cheat was first used in "Gradius" and the second one was Contra. The world of Konami started to grow larger when its licensed games are adapted into movie such as Silent Hill.